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Triathlon Training Blog, Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

Race day neither bright nor breezy. kinda hungover and groggy. Breakfast ordered the night before didnt turn up. which came as no surprise. i’d forgotten how ill taking cod liver oil on an empty stomach made me.A day which had barely started,which had  little promise has already taken a nose dive. What fragment of motivation i have for this 25 is waxing and waning already .its not even 7 am. to the white van. a jag had parked quite close behind me . so much so the lwb just couldnt get out. i didnt think the van would push the heavy jag out the way. but today was going to be full of surprises. Called in at a servo to pick up some porridge they had none. the cupboard was bare . i lost the will and was heading home at this point . Had a quiet word and went to meet Steve’the power’ Taylor. Into Steves van . He doesnt bump or bang it once on the way up. chat with the boys across the way warming up then get ready. turns out i dont have too much time myself. Wheels on,tyres pumped , skin suit zipped ,helmet on. quick spin on the turbo and off we go.I have a few minutes to get to the start .at this point steve asks me to put his number on.FFS. 1 min to spare.


Get ready 5,4,3,2,1 go. No power meter. 145mm cranks,saddle up 15mm back 50 mm tri bars up 30 mm .hungover and did a 50 yesterday. what could possibly go wrong?after mile 2 the answer came. not that much thing that was to be a recurring theme for the next 50 0dd mins.

Now i’ve never understood when people have said ‘the pain was like hot needles being driven into me’ i am now ,however ,very well acquainted with this ….sensation. Except the needles were large bore knitting needles super heated to be hotter than the sun being driven in with a croquet mallet into my gluts. Searing is the way to describe it.Every 2 or 3 mins i had to stop pedalling to give them a chance to ‘recover’ from this new action i was asking them to perform. just a 1 or 2 second thing was didnt ease. i got to the turn in 30 mins thinking wind behind me for the last 10 which it wasnt and came home in 53.10 or 11? Chris Holman lead the charge of the Pembrokeshire boys. With Grant ,Tom, John ,tony Ross ,Rob ,Steve all in the mix with a few seconds between them.ride of the day goes to rob allen who, on his first 25 cracked the hour, good racing


Keiron romped home to take the win with a pb 45 mins and less than 60 seconds. which is fair enough.


When i crossed the line i cramped. mY backside was awash with pain.Hip flexors like iron bars …..on fire….being hit… an anvil ….thats been super heated as well.  pedalling was not an option, nor was standing up or sitting down.   any movement or no movement. I started a chaplin like  walk back up the bank .i quickly worked out riding had an equal quantity of pain but was faster,Just.for a long time i simply could not  move.


This situation seemed to get worse. sitting down on the way home was torture.riding home was out of the question


therefore the new position from my bike fit on friday has passed the first inspection.Im not too disillusioned with the time. Even though  the bike fit on friday suggested my old position i could produce more power, this transition phase has to be tried. .  New muscles being recruited to help do the work. which is seems they were ill prepared for.Certainly a limiting factor today. the next test takes place over 5 weeks while i adapt to this new position. It may ,or may not make me a faster time trialist but should make the run easier. Time will tell.

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