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Triathlon Training Blog, Monday, April 24th, 2017

Tough week. coming on the back of a tss of 1200 last week . I felt quite good this week but friday night fucked me up.


So this is what a 1000 tss week looks like.

Monday rest day. well i did do 111miles yesterday

Tuesday. 2000 m swim with John Rothery and Ross Mcnally. 400 m warm up then 16 times 100 metres on 2 mins. coming in at 1.38 for the 100 average

Turbo 1 hour . 3 times 6minutes at 105 per cent ftp.


Now ,my ftp is set off my old power meter chainset. Which reads 10 per cent higher than my powertap training wheel. So for this session i  was using the numbers for the chainset (10 per cent more) but using the wheel for the powermeter. And i hit the numbers . therefore producing 10 per cent more power. Happy days at 300 watts.

5 k run off the bike flat out.


40 mins in the gym. 2sets bench press

2 sets shoulder press

2sets overhead bent arm rowing

2 sets lat pulldown

2 sets squats

2 sets leg extension

2 sets leg curl

2 sets ab crunches


off road half marathon. 1. 42 that came in at .Did it this week with Lee Brazier


Tri swimming at pembroke leisure centre 2700metres

turbo. 1 hour over unders. Again smashing the numbers .power up by 10 per cent. looking good for sundays race

5k run off the bike flat out.


Gym run. Start on treadmill with a casual jog.7kph. . every 5 mins you increase your speed by 1kph. until you get to 17kph . which you hold till u reach the 10 k. this usually comes in around 50mins.


you arent done yet. then you jump on the new treadmaster thing. which is a set of revolving stairs. 5mins warm up at level 5. then 10 mins at level 15 to 18 followed by  5 mins ‘rest’ at level 10. so an over under set. you do this 3 times 50 mins work. by the end of the third set you are on your knees. dribbling not quite sure where u are. 300 flights of stairs .minimum. so the machine says.


only a rest day as racing tomorrow.Although i had to work today. started at 730am finished at 730pm . long day.been no JFST(Just fucking sit there) this year.too much going on.get home and fit the new power meter chainrings

Sunday race day


Racing on the bank to day. im not off till 1130 and steve is off a 10. So at stevos house for 8 . no lie in. Im feeling tired so know already i am in trouble. Arrive at he hq at  9 . I have 2 and a half hours to kill. So i decide to ride the course .to get my new chainring based power meter bedded in due to these ridiculously short 145mm cranks i have. I have been struggling with this new position for a few weeks and today was to prove no exception. The warm up ride had a bit of a breeze but made it around in an hour for the 25m course. For whatever reason i decided to push the warm up a bit in z3 230 watts. which is ironman pace. i get the 30 miles warm up in as i ride back up the bank. Still got an hour to my start. Olbas oil up the nose. Back on the turbo. food,caffeine and hydration . My quads have more or less ceased to function so now my hamstrings have started to take over and grumble pretty much from the get go. Stevo gets back just b 4 i leave. 54.58 . Not surprising after the 550 miles he did last week on his training camp.

My turn


Off we go. Down to the first roundabout. I only thought i was in trouble before ,now its been confirmed. Plus the wind has picked up a notch or two from my warm up ride. Power is reading very low. average turned out to be 240 watts. I wouldve expected to hold 275/280 watts . I was caught by my minute man after 8 miles. Doesnt happen that often nowadays. Decided to tough it out. Doing the Maths he could be doing a 49 min ride which would still put me on for a 51/52. Head wind is howling down the bank and i hit the turn at 32.40 . I’m usually there in 30 . Still the last leg is with the wind. This was the only part that went well, curiously . Did the last 10 in 21 mins. where i wouldve expected to seriously drop off, considering. Held on to get home in 53.40 . which is on the outside edge  on what i wouldve considered acceptable…..just. Bit gutted .but Poland is the bigger picture and the 62 miles i did today, 50 of which was done in 1.54 was what was required. A time on the Bank is not a priority atm.Although if i had skipped fridays run i think today wouldve gone better.Racing on tired legs is what i am looking for on my last few weeks of overload . Denmark and the european half champs is only 6 weeks away. poland full iron is 8 .


That week comes in at 970 tss (training stress score) to have got the 1200 in i wouldve had to have ridden home and  i just couldnt face it. Slacker


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