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Triathlon Training Blog, Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Poorly thought out and poorly executed. I agreed to do this with Chris Holman and after only being beaten by him over 25 on sunday by a minute thought it would be ok. It wasnt. lol. Been cold all day ,didnt warm up properly and started too fast.Dont get me wrong this time last year in the opening 10 of the season Chris thumped me by over 2 mins. Thats pretty much how it felt,. Chris ran me ragged to be fair and i couldnt hold him. Plain and simple.


Anyway we were beaten by grant and will by a hand full of seconds .Although Will had 50 mm wheels on which was against the rules last night and the previous months but seemed ok on the night. Which is pretty typical of the Velo and is one of the reasons why i’m not racing for them this season in any events where i may help them win a team prize. The main reason however is WATTGATE.


I asked to borrow the clubs Watt bike in February and asked Tom Clode if that was ok. It was.in the first instance. It was arranged with Scottie who had the bike and had had it for months. It was all sorted and i was to pick up the bike from Scottie on Thursday.Then it wasn’t alright. On the Wednesday Tom, the committees bitch/lapdog told me the committee, who must’ve chaired an emergency meeting, had decided that as i wasn’t a member ,or rather ,that i hadnt joined the club yet i could no longer have the watt bike. This is the same club who took my fathers memorial fund and used it to buy equipment for the club.


Bare in mind that when i joined the club the previous April i was told that was for a 12 months. This rule was subsequently changed at the AGM later in the year to run from January to January.


Anywho. I was refused by the ‘committee’ Scottie, top lad ,no problem with him at all. He’s just been caught in the middle of all this. Scottie wasnt a member either as it turn s out and only joined the club today. So, why is it ok for him to have had the bike for so long as a non member and not ok for me?


The Velo has always been a clicky club .Run the Aces a close second for the ‘click’.


Even in the 80’s the same people who are doing it now marginalised the then club champion Andy Dow. Andy was a top lad and wiped the floor with the lot of them but they eventually drove him out. History repeats.


I’m under no illusion what wankers on the committee told Tom it wasn’t ok and that they dont have the bottle to tell me themselves. just send their lacky to do it for them.I dont feel sorry for Tom at all.   If you don’t want to get shot don’t be the messenger.


I’m sorry you feel threatened by me and that i have challenged the established order. It must be even more difficult for you to take that i’m not even a dedicated cyclist and a long distance triathlete instead. And of course i also wonder how much faster on the bike i would be if i focused on just cycling and hadn’t done a half marathon the day before in training at a  pace u cant even race at. . That my TSS for a week is more than u do in a month.That i turn up for every tt tired and jaded as they arent even ‘c’ races for me.  It does bother me that i have reacted and have been reduced to your level of puerile horse shit. Although i wont be apologising anytime soon for the hypocrisy and duality of it.


I would suggest you look up the meaning of ‘cognitive dissonance’. but i’ve a feeling you got lost,were struggling  around the words ‘puerile ,hypocrisy and duality.’


Here is a word we all understand for you. ‘  Jealousy ‘

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